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People have shared their frustration: "I can't stick to a diet", "I've got terrible will power", "start, give up, regain, repeat", fear of failure".

I listened; and created the "Slenderise with Success" journey 12 weeks of facilitated support as you release weight and get your vitality back: for good! 

The frustration of weight issues can lead to the desperate cycle of will power, diets and exercise: fail and repeat, fail and repeat.

Liberate yourself from this cycle and lighten your body;  lighten your mind and lighten your life.

Replace frustration with  facilitation 

Why Weight?

Hi, I'm Anne Holleley, a weight release specialist, and as a counsellor I help people frustrated and disappointed by their weight loss efforts to lighten their body, lighten their mind and their lives. What I'm really passionate about is facilitating a world of slim, compassionate eaters.

Slenderise With SuccessTM,  

Fail Proof Weight Management Seminar

Anne Holleley

Upcoming Event:

LIVE lighter

Wednesday 29 August at 6pm - 8pm,

Gumblossom Community Hall,

Tapping Way,

Quinns Rocks

WA  6030